Tax advisory

Tax Inspection

An experienced tax advisor will take care of your rights, save time and deliver a satisfactory solution.

Do you need assistance with any of the following situations?

  • tax inspection,
  • quick refund of overpaid deduction,
  • appealing against a decision,
  • procedure to adjust inconsistences,
  • actions against a decision of the tax office,
  • other situations in the tax process.

If so, contact us - we will help you bring even very unpleasant situations to a successful conclusion. At BREDFORD Consulting we have extensive experience in how to correctly:

  • communicate with tax administrators (we know the correct arguments and know how to present the right evidence. We know what to say, and when to say it – We even know when it's better to be say nothing),
  • taking care of your rights (deadlines, defence options, obligations of the tax office, etc..),
  • save time so we can work together to find the best possible solution for you. (communicating through an uninvolved third party is always better).

We achieve the best results when we participate in inspections or other proceedings from the very beginning, but we can take over the management even during the latter stages. However the situation is usually more complicated.

Even these situations have a solution, but usually the procedures are more demanding and also more expensive. However we know from experience that most tax administrators are not looking to fine and punish the tax payer and we will resolve most proceedings without conflict, to the satisfaction of the client.

You can read about similar issues and how they could be solved in this article.


The prices of our services are based on hourly rates and the amount of time our tax advisors spend on the proceedings. The basic hourly rate is CZK 2500 without VAT.

The price of representation for adjusting inconsistencies ranges from thousands in the case of simple matters to tens of thousands  in the case of complex issues .

The price of tax advice for tax audits is dependant on the complexity of the case with simple cases being in the lower tens of thousands and very complex cases being in the higher tens of thousands. 

In exceptional circumstances we have set prices as a fee based on the success of a given matter.

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