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About us

BREDFORD Consulting is a team of experienced tax advisors, financial and payroll accountants.

Our primary goal is for our services to bring real value.

To this end our services are tailored to each of our clients and are designed to solve their specific needs.

We strive to ensure that all our recommendations and communications are delivered in an understandable fashion, without unnecessary formal legal definitions.

To date, we have convinced hundreds of clients regarding the quality of our work.

We will gladly convince you to become one of them.

Tax advisory

By minimizing tax liability and taking over negotiations with the authorities, we will save you money, time and energy for your business.

You can count
on us
  • Income tax return

    We will save you maximum resources. Effectively, without bureaucracy and at a price you know in advance. more information >

  • Consultation and assessment

    We will solve your tax problem. Clearly, understandably, conveniently. Tailor-made just for you. more information >

  • VAT - tax return

    We will prepare and file a VAT return for you. Including related reports and as cost effectively as possible. more information >

  • Tax Inspection

    We will solve your issues with the tax office. more information >

  • Business structure design

    najdeme optimální způsob vašeho podnikání - bezpečný a výhodný more information >


We will provide you with compete accounting, including the issuance and sending of invoices, securing payments, debt collection and other services.

We take care
of you
  • Accounting services Prague

    Important accounting information about your company and all changes - regularly, clearly and understandably. more information >

  • Accounting reconstruction

    We will get your accounting back in shape more information >

  • Freelancers package

    Zpracujeme, připravíme a podáme všechny daňová přiznání a zdarma prodloužíme termíny podání i placení daně z příjmů a pojistného. more information >

  • Tailored accounting reports

    The true picture of your business in the clear language of hard figures more information >

  • Single-entry accounting

    We will look after your tax records and related obligations. more information >

  • Accounting interim assistance

    Before you can hire new people for your accounting team, we will temporarily bolster your capacity so that you do not overload your people with overtime. more information >


External payroll processing will save you time and money. We will take over the responsibility, leaving you 100% control.

  • payroll outsourcing

    We provide payroll calculation and related administration (always on time and 100% discreetly) more information >

  • Social Security and health insurance inspections

    We will help you pass the inspection successfully, without penalties or additional insurance premiums. more information >

  • Wages Consultation

    We will help you understand not only in the remuneration of employees. more information >

  • Employee Benefits

    We recommend employee rewards and benefits that reduce your payroll costs. more information >

  • Employee tax returns

    We sill take care of your employees' tax returns. more information >

Other services

Due diligence, acquisitions, seminars and other services for your successful business.

You can count
on us
  • Seminars and webinars

    Seminars, workshops and lectures on a topic of your choice to suit your needs. more information >

  • Establishment of a Company

    We will set up a new company for you "off the shelf" or we can also buy an existing company. more information >

  • Liquidation of companies

    We will terminate your business. Quickly, efficiently and absolutely "cleanly". more information >

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