Tax advisory

Income tax return 2022

We will save you maximum resources and ensure peace of mind. Without bureaucracy and at a price you know in advance.

Don't risk mistakes, that are often not detected by the most experienced accountants and can cost large sums of money or a tax inspection. Unnecessarily.

Instead, entrust your income tax return to us, tax advisors with more than 20 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

You get 100% certainty, that:

  • you only pay as much as you have to, and at the same time: 

  • you have all your taxes in accordance with all applicable regulations.

How do we ensure that your tax is correct and at the same time the minimum possible?

  1. We will check your accounting or tax records (or process them).
  2. We will suggest solutions to problematic cases, if we find them.
  3. We will check if you use all the possibilities to reduce your tax base to a minimum, if not we will suggest them.
  4. We will prepare a clear and understandable calculation for income tax and our own tax return...
  5. …which will then be double checked by another of our tax advisors (the four-eye principle is the basis for good professional work).
  6. After your approval, we will submit the return electronically to the tax office.
  7. We will prepare an overview of advances for the next period - and so that you do not pay interest on arrears unnecessarily, we will notify you well in advance of their due dates
  8. We will recommend changes that will save you money in the future.

How much will it cost?

The basic price for 100% security and comfort is:

  • CZK 8000 without VAT for personal income tax returns 
  • CZK 20000 without VAT for corporate income tax returns.

Accounting clients have the price of the return included in their accounting services.

The final price is dependant on the scope of the tax return the quality of the provided documents and date we receive them. 

Of course, we will inform you about estimated price of the tax return prior to our cooperation.

Deadline postponement for filing you tax return will be provided free of change.

Would you like to request a quote for a tax return with no obligation?

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