Accounting services Prague

Your accounting will be correct, information provided on time a and taxes minimized. 

When you entrust your accounting to our experts, you can expect:

  • For pennies, accurate accounting kept in accordance with all applicable regulations in one of our accounting programs (Pohoda, Abra Flexibee, Helios Orange) or in the system you use),
  • All tax returns included in the price
  • Regular overview of the company in a form that you will understand (without overly formal, often incomprehensible formulas).
  • Supervision of a team of tax advisors to ensure, that everything is correct and  taxation is minimum,
  • One primary contact person,
  • A guarantee of representation by another of our accountants in the case of emergency,
  • 100% control thanks to remote access to your documents and accounting data,
  • Lower costs than having your own accounting department,
  • Our contracted responsibility for delivering services (unlike your employees, whose liability is limited by law),

how the cooperation takes place, based om your requirements, we will agree on how to process your accounting. Specifically we will arrange:

  • In which accounting program would you like to use,
  • Frequency and type of reporting (thanks to a predetermined accounting day for the specific period, you will know exactly when the documents need to be prepared, and we will handle all the resource  planning on our side),
  • Deadlines for delivery of reports and outputs (within the agreed deadline you will receive information on the prepared VAT return and interim financial statements as well as other important information such as overdue receivables and payables, profit, missing documents and recommendations for you from our accounting and tax advisor),
  • The method of providing documents (whether electronically, by mail or by sharing on on servers) .

Who is this service for?


Accounting programs

Our specialists are trained in a number or accounting programs, in particular:

Upon request we can also use other accounting programs (for example, Money, Navision, Abra, I6, Byznys), only if the monthly invoicing is CZK 20000 or more.


We set prices depending on the type or services requested such as:

  • Monthly fee.
  • Fixed price (for example in the case of accounting reconstruction).
  • Hourly rates. Basic hourly accounting rate is CZK 1.200 without VAT per hour, we provide discounted rates for regular clients. 
  • For self-employed people, we provide a more advantageous product accounting package for freelancers.

Minimum charge must be 8.000 CZK per month.

We try to simplify accounting as much as possible and automate simple operations. For this reason , we do not negotiate prices based on the number of accounting items.

Would you like to inquire about accounting services without obligation?

I'm interested

Is your accounting under control, you may be interested in other services we provide:

  • Supervision of tax accounting
  • Corporate income tax return
  • Payroll processing
  • Tailor made seminars



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