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Establishment of a Company

We will set up a new "off the shelf" company for you saving you time and any possible problems.

Working with our usual notary, we will establish a company for you using power of attorny.

The service is intended for anyone that wants a new company without any of the baggage that comes with an existent one and at the same time knows the value of their time.

  • We will save you time you can devote to your business,

  • we will rid you of annoying paperwork and dealing with the authorities,

  • we eliminate all process errors.


For the establishment of a basic, simple limited liability company we charge CZK 25.500 without VAT (including all fees).

TIP: If you later order accounting for the company from us we will deduct CZK 7.500 bez DPH from the accounting services.


Would you like a non-binding offer to establish a company?

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