Employee Benefits

We will recommend employee rewards and benefits, which will reduce your labour costs.

Reward internal and external employees more efficiently – and attractively! We will recommend suitable forms of rewards and benefits, which:

  • for employees they mean higher income (insurance contributions, travel allowances, accommodation costs, meal allowances,  etc.),

  • will reduce your labour costs.

If you use external contractors and don't want to risk „švarcsystém“:

  • we will evaluate your settings and , if necessary, recommend effective changes based on the latest case law and our experience with the approach of the financial administration and other authorities,

  • we will teach you to because familiar with the clutter of information, where some, for example, recommend re-charging equipment costs, dividing rewards into several entities, and others claim that this is not necessary.


The final price is determined by the volume of work according to your requirements, in most cases the price is in the range of CZK 10000 - 25000 excluding VAT.


Thanks to you subsequent labour costs, this investment will pay back almost immediately.


Would you like help setting up your employee benefits?

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