Wages Consultation

We will help you understand not only the wage components for employees.

Would you like advice and answers to all questions regarding wage components, insurance premiums, travel allowances and other areas related to wages? Our payroll accountants and tax advisors are happy to help you with the - professionally and with a 100% guarantee of accuracy

  • We will answer your questions,
  • We will prepare a written report to cover the discussed issues.


The price for payroll consultation is based on the hourly rates of out specialists (for a payroll accountant it is CZK 1.200 per hour without VAT). All prices are determined in advance, according to and estimate of the complexity of the specific order.
The minimum price for irregular clients is CZK 5000 excluding VAT. For our existing customers we start charging after the first 15 mins.

Would you like to request a non-binding consultation?

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