Tax advisory

Consultation and assessment

Our tax advisors will solve you tax problems.
clearly, understandably, conveniently - with regard to your situation.

Avoid problems and contact us before closing a deal, launching a new product or making a change in your business. We will find a clear, comprehensible and advantageous solution for your situation (for example, assessment of tax deductibility of costs or regime of taxation of performed transactions).

The benefits in the form of tax savings can often be achieved with only a small change in the contractual documentation or by choosing the right regime - provided that it is done on time.  

How we work

We will entrust your case to our tax advisors, who will provide you with a personal or online consultation, or prepare an opinion. When looking for the most advantageous solution, we always follow:

  • applicable regulations and court decisions,
  • our extensive experience in how the tax authorities approach different situations,
  • your preferred solution (some are ready to go to dispute, others require a 100% secure solution at a lower cost).
    With us you get a choice - but always within the tax regulations.

By using the experience and expertise of our tax advisors, you will save not only money, but also time and nerves. As you know , tax regulations are constantly changing, it is almost impossible for a layman to know them and apply them correctly.

Our Clients

The services of our tax advisors are used mainly by small and medium-sized companies, but we also work for large corporations or small businesses.

We are happy to provide you with references from our clients on request. Another option is to check out our blog – where you can find out how we approach tax problems and how we solve them.

Price for tax consultation

The price of consultation dependant on the difficulty of the situation and of course the time that our consultants spend solving your situation.

Our standard hourly rate is CZK 3.000 without VAT.

The minimum price for first consultation or opinion for clients without a long-term cooperation is CZK 10.000 without VAT.  

We offer more advantageous conditions to regular clients, accounting firms and law firms. 

Are you looking for a solution to your tax problem?

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