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Liquidation of companies

We will terminate your business. Quickly, efficiently and absolutely "cleanly".

We will liquidate your company in a fair and legally flawless manner.

We provide a complete liquidation process including:

  • nomination of the liquidator,

  • accounting,

  • fulfilment of tax obligations,

  • archiving of accounting documents.

If no inspections, further proceedings or other complications are initiated during the liquidation, we normally manage the entire process roughly 4-6 months.  

We will help you prepare and time the liquidation, so you get the most out of it.


The basic price for a simple liquidation is CZK 45000 without VAT, including the nomination of the liquidator.

The stated price includes the organisational arrangements for the liquidation and the liquidators remuneration. In addition to the liquidation price, accounting services , tax and legal advice, notary services, fees for mandatory advertising , archiving of documents and other necessary expenses are charged.

The final price depends on the size of the company and the services required.  

IMPORTANT: We only liquidate companies with a fully resolved past and no problematic obligations.


Would you like to liquidate a company?

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