Tax advisory

Business structure design

We will find the right way for your business so you pay the optimal amount of taxes with no risk.

Entrepreneurs and self-employed, you may be in one of the following situations:

  • are you fed-up of expenses on a flat rate basis, or on the contrary are you thinking of moving to the flat rate scheme?
  • Considering founding a limited company (s.r.o.), a joint stock company or a holding company?
  • Are you considering doing business as a self-employed person or through a limited liability company?     
  • Do you need to separate assets from risk by setting up other companies?

Contact us and we, in cooperation with other experts, will design the ideal business structure for the most advantageous tax payments:

  • we will give recommendations and justifications s to whether is is most advantageous for you to do business as a self-employed person , a legal entity or both,
  • Cooperation , joint venture, family business or trust fund - something different for everyone,
  • we will design the structure of the holding for larger entities and implement everything for you quickly and efficiently,
  • we will arrange an "off the shelf" acquisition of a trade or other authorized actions (you save time and worries),
  • we take care of registration of entities with the tax office and other institutions (so that you can devote yourself to your business instead of paperwork),
  • we will register you for VAT (usually takes 1-2 weeks from your application).

Who is the service for?

The design of business structure service is there for every successful entrepreneur who simply does not want to pay more in taxes then is absolutely necessary. 


The price depends on what you need and how complicated your situation is.
The approximate price for the proposal of a business structure for a natural person is CZK 10000 - 20000 without VAT and also includes an evaluation of the profitability of doing business through a legal entity or a combination of a company and a self-employed person.

The design of a Holding business is very individual and therefor prices are relatively different, the basic price is usually in the region of CZK 20000 to 30000 without VAT.

The price of subsequent implementation depends on which solution you choose and what actions you require through your lawyers, accountants, experts and others.

Chcete se nezávazně informovat o návrhu optimálního způsobu podnikání?

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