Accounting reconstruction

We return data to it's original state, so that everything "fit's together" smoothly.

Loosing accounting data and financial history is the nightmare of any company. They loose the direction for the company, risk controls, additional tax assessments and considerable fines.

If you find yourself in this situation, entrust the solution to our experts:

  • during the reconstruction we will not only enter the data again, but ideally, we will get you to the same numbers you reported (it is not always possible, but we know how to achieve it),
  • companies usually do not have the capacity or skills in house to accomplish a full reconstruction,
  • at BREDFORD Consulting, we have many years experience with accounting reconstruction. 

Accounting reconstruction pricing

Prices are very individual and consist mainly of hourly rates by financial accountants, supervisors, tax advisors and consultants. Prices can be vary by tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the complexity and number of periods that need to be reconstructed.

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