Accounting interim assistance

Before you can hire new people for your accounting team, we will temporarily bolster your capacity so that you do not overload your people with overtime.

If you currently lack capacity in your accounting team, we are happy to provide you with the assistance from our experienced accountants for a pre-arranged period of time, who will complete your team.

  • You will gain time and the peace of mind that in the mean time your team will be filled with quality co-workers,
  • you will not be forced to overload your team with overtime (and thus force out more team members),
  • you will get effective and experienced professionals.


The price is based on an estimate of the time, length of the contract, place of work and other conditions (accounting program, required language skills, etc..).

Hourly rate for our specialists ranges from CZK 1.000 to 1500 (excluding VAT).

Would you like a non-binding offer for accounting assistance?

I'm interested

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